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Kantun Chi Ecopark | Marriage Proposal, Brendon & Cara | Riviera Maya, Mexico | Engagement Photos

Hi my friends!!!

This time I will show you the summary of the destination photo session between Brendon and Cara in the Kantun Chi Ecopark. where I could only admire the way that Brendon treated his partner with so much love for life.

A session out of the ordinary since first they were planning to do it at the El Dorado Casitas Royale Hotel but after talking and looking for a better option they wanted the pictures in a place full of nature and unique, so they ended up choosing the Kantun Chi Park. This was the first time I went on a tour with my clients and it is something that I loved, the time I shared with them was essential to connect better than usual and that helped a lot when taking pictures. At the moment that the perfect place was found, everything became a marriage proposal and I was simply thrilled and super happy with the way this couple is handling their relationship based on love.

Something that surprised me a lot is the way Brendon treated Cara, always kind, always romantic, always loving, always tender... without a doubt an EXAMPLE TO FOLLOW!

Thank you very much for sharing such beautiful moments!!!


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