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Mandala Beach Club | Destination Wedding, Juana & Fernando | Cancun, Mexico


This time we had this beautiful destination wedding of Juana and Fernando who decided to get married in the beautiful beaches of the caribbean sea. Thanks to this couple I could have for the second time the opportunity to take pictures in Mandala Beach and believe me this location is a very good option for those couples who want to save a little money or simply want to get their money's worth every penny they invested that often unlike hotels is much more economical or simply do not have so many limitations.

During the whole day we were worried that it was going to rain but when we had relaxed and thought it was not going to happen, it ended up happening, leaving us no other option but to take advantage of the rain to cool off and take a couple more pictures under the rain.

Thanks for reading me!!!

Venue: Panama Jack Cancun / Mandala Beach

Makeup: Pro-Evolution with Natacha Bitsch

Wedding Coordinator: Weddings Mexico with Shailly Elias

DJ: Sellecto DJ with Eduardo Javier

Photographer: Photography MnM with David Rangel, Hector, Miguel and Sergio


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