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BIO of David Rangel | David Rangel Biography

Hello, my name is DAVID, a MEXICAN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, photo journalist and storyteller, the history of my career started when I took the decision to DEDICATE MY SELF TO DO WHAT I LOVE AND STILL LOVE DOING, which is photography and to capture through my camera the true ESSENCE OF PEOPLE, which prompted me to be a wedding photographer trying to IMPROVE day by day, MEETING other great photographers FELLING ME with PASSION, taking me to know new styles, different places and NEW FRIENDS LIKE YOU...

Taking the time to know more about me!!!

Blessed to be a FATHER of two beautiful kids and HUSBAND of the most beautiful woman on this earth, DEVOTING MOST OF MY TIME TO THEM; As a photographer, I´m always looking for the best MOMENTS, the best SMILES, a CARESS, a tender KISS, a beautiful WORD, that help me to TRANSMIT THROUGH MY PHOTOS WHAT I SEE AND FEEL through one of the best moments of your LIFE; Reviving over and over again the best moments of your wedding, which IS FOR A LIFE TIME.

Let me be part of your STORY, let me SHOW YOU that LOVE, PASSION and TRUTH can be reflect THROUGTH A PHOTOGRAPH.


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