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Hotel Boutique Casa Malca | Engagement Session, Steele & Liz | Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Actualizado: 19 jul 2020

After 3 and a half months of being locked up at home and not taking a picture because of the pandemic I finally had the chance to get back in the game and what better with this engagement session between Steele and Liz in one of my favorite places in the Riviera Maya "Casa Malca".

A few days before when we were making an agreement between Hector (guest service manager and consigliere of Casa Malca), Mr. Steele and I, we realized that Mr. Steele was nervous and trying to make everything work out perfectly and it was normal because he was going to give himself completely to the person he loves the most in this world.

When the long-awaited day finally arrived, I was hiding behind the palm trees watching as Steele was nervous and excited trying to find a way to take Liz (his fiancée) to the place where he would ask her to marry him, but he was not successful in doing so until he finally succeeded and at the least expected moment everything happened... LOVE, HAPPINESS AND LAUGHTER WERE THE MAIN FEELINGS AMONG THOSE IN LOVE!!!

This is a proof that even with everything that is happening in the world we should not lose faith and love for our partner and be sure that everything will be fixed sooner than we think.


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