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Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun | Wedding, Tanisha & Trevor | Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico | 05

Actualizado: 8 de mar de 2019

Hi, here they have me again. As I have been talking to you, my goal is to show you the progress I've had as a photographer and if you look at it little by little I improved my quality as a photographer and the photographic eye was improving, of course, studying and seeing the work of other great photographers, although they are many that have a great quality and a great eye, I focus more on the style that I wanted to have.

Here in my fifth wedding as a principal photographer, with more notion of what I had to do, security matters a lot in the work that you can have and the final results you can achieve ... and here was where I realized it!!! Although many times the couple asked me to see the photos from the camera, they liked it a lot but for me it was not enough and I wanted more and better results. Here I could express myself a bit more, I could put more attention on the small details that could make a great photo but, as I have always told the couple: relax and have fun because that is what they will see in the photos and when they see the pictures after that, their expressions change a lot and they still feel better. And that's what I always do when I see the couple who are nervous or worried, "just let go and have fun", let your photographer capture the best of you, because that's why you chose him!!!

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