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Hotel Boutique Casa Malca | Destination Engagement Session, Marvin & Shantel | Tulum, Riviera Maya

Actualizado: 26 jul 2020

The beginning of a new life together begins from that day when Marvin took the courage to let her know how important Shantel is to him and how much he needs her in his life, she not knowing how to answer for the emotion so she hugged him and whispered in his ear to say "I do".

Thanks to Daniel, the concigliere of the Hotel Casa Malca, that day will remain in his memory because of how romantic and unique it was. The moment the mariachis started playing, all the guests were turning around and I didn't know what was happening until they were amazed by what was happening in front of them... Marvin on his knees asking Shantel to marry him!!!

Thanks for reading.


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