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Hotel Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun | Wedding, Kimberly & Bodie | Cancun, Mexico | 39

This wedding as in all the others, the ceremony is almost always the same with some small changes and especially the time of 15-20 minutes but sometimes it is longer if they bring their own minister bu what happens next is totally different, sometimes they want photos with all the guests and sometimes they just want to enjoy their friends and the cocktail(candy shoots). In this occasion the couple wanted something different after the routine photos of the ceremony and they just let themselves be carried away and improvised... and the result was very good!!!

Each couple is always different but there are certain things that although you want to change you can not, because everything is coordinated to the movement or activities of the hotel, for this reason it is very important to check the timeline with your wedding coordinator so that you are free to do what you like most on your wedding day.

This wedding was in collaboration with caribephoto .

Thank you


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