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Azul Fives Beach Resort | Wedding, Lindsay & George | Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico | 09

Hello again, I bring you my first wedding at the Hotel Azul Fives with a coverage of 5 hours and as the first photographer pon this beautiful resort (this is one of my favorites, latter you will know why). The truth is that the service of this wedding was very quiet and simple (of course with the usual complications). Since we arrived at the room the couple were very calm (that's weird because normally the nerves invade them and they are tense but ... in this case not) they told us to take the pictures that we liked more and that there was no problem for them.

At first I started taking wedding pictures with my nikon d7100 camera, it was small and really good ... I loved it!!! but, even so I was not satisfied with my work and that made me look for other forms and types of wedding photography. Many times when the couples see a photographer with a different camera usually think different things good and bad but, my friends ... believe me that if you hired that photographer for the style or quality he has, it does not matter if he has a small or large camera, he will deliver what you are waiting for, do not worry and trust your photographer.



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