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Azul Beach Resort Riviera Maya | Wedding, Lauren & Josh | Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico | 06

Hello again, I bring you this photos of my first wedding in this amazing resort called Azul Beach Resort Riviera Maya. This place is small, easy to move from one place to another, a place full of luxuries and one of the best beaches that hotels can offer (this is one of my favorites). I do a full wedding coverage with a lot of emotions around me, you can fell many different things with this fantastic couple, this helped me take photos with photojournalism style and I really liked that I was part of the event in a way I had not felt before. Normally both for the bride and groom and the photographer it is difficult to break the ice because we do not know anything about the other and especially because another person was the one who was in contact with them before you. It was cloudy almost all day and that does not help because it interferes a bit in what the couple feel, the tourists who come to the Mexican beaches to get married do so because they want to see the unique colors of the place, the warmth of the people and that warm climate that characterizes the place.

The weather in the riviera maya changes without previous warning, many times the couples have planned to have the reception in an outdoor restaurant or on the beach, but when the weather does not help the wedding coordinators have to move everything to a closed room that has backup, at that time the couple feel angry, sad or dissappointed because they did not have the wedding as they had planned but in this case that did not matter because they focused on enjoying the union of the two of them that was really important and that's why they deserve applause.

My recommendation in this post is: "Enjoy the union you made and trust more in your wedding coordinator and your photographer because they are there for you and only for you"


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