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03 | Hotel Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun | Wedding, Amy & Mark | Cancun, Mexico

Hello, this is my third wedding coverage in this beautiful paradise called Riviera Maya.

Here I started more relaxed to take pictures, with a little more notion of what was going to happen, WHY??? because at first I only made small wedding coverage and almost all were the same "sometimes", photos in getting ready and ceremony, no more than 3 hours of service and I had to do different things because there was something that was not part of me, time later I realized that it was what moved me and that it really was what I wanted when making a wedding ... ENJOY LIKE THE COUPLE!!!, trying not to lose a unique moment and probably very special for them.

Amy & Mark come from UK and they come with a little group of people, sometimes it's enough.

I hope you like this post, thanks for reading me!!!


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